Block Printing and Woodcuts

Marie's one day lino printing  course at Green Door print making studio in Derby got her hooked on learning about the wide range of block printing methods available. 

Block printing is a relief process. Areas around the image to be printed are removed leaving a flat surface onto which ink can be rolled and then and the image is pressed onto paper. or material.Further colours can be added by either cutting more of the block away Reduction printing) and reprinting with another colour on top of the initial prints or by making  a new block  for the additional colour.

After lockdown Marie has learnt how laser engravers can be used to make woodblocks. using facilities at the Museum of Making in Derby. This has helped her explore some of the possibilities of this carving method, which requires gaining a lot of computer expertise to make the vector files to drive the laser machine.

Here is a selection of lino prints and woodcuts .Click on a picture to enlarge