Screen prints and collagraphs

A Collagraph is a print made from a plate collaged with different textures. Marie uses a  base plate of mount card, which is inscribed and  collaged. This is then printed either by being inked with a roller, (like a linocut) or by the plate inked and then wiped like an etching plate. Itis then printed using the printing press, which Marie's husband built.

Screen printing uses a mesh screen with areas blocked out (either by a stencil or photoemulsion method). Ink is rolled onto the screen and a squeegee pulled down the screen to force the ink through the unblocked parts of the screen mesh, onto paper beneath the screen. One of Marie's recent projects was to make a book mark for a Bookmark XV, as one of the Leicester Print Workshop team submission. The theme of Bookmarks XV was ‘Infiltrating the Library System’ and Marie's bookmark is the one with nasturtiums, entitled "Plant" in the photo below of bookmarks. She has taken part in two 2019 print exchanges with her nasturtium and Climbing Cats screen prints